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    Marie Henein

    Old spouse, Henein Hutchison LLP, Toronto, Ont. Considered one of Canada's best criminal defence attorneys, Henein is notorious for representing high-profile clients such as former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi -- charged with seven counts of sexual assault, of which two have already been dropped -- former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant, and junior hockey coach David Frost. Most recently Henein has taken on the case of defence counsel colleague Leora Shemesh, who had been charged with perjury and obstruction of justice by Peel Police. Henein is well known in the profession as a go-to attorney for most high-profile criminal issues. She's an excellent track record of wins versus losses and was a part of the team that recently was successful in getting John Salmon's certainty in a 1970s murder . What Republicans needed to say: Most observable leader of [the] criminal defence bar, estate lawyer near me.

    Rocco Galati

    Rocco Galati Law Firm PC, Toronto, Ont. Rocco Galati is famed because of its one-man resistance to the present government, so much spending $42,000 of his money on court challenges. He launched a situation that blocked Stephen Harper's appointment of Justice Marc Nadon into the Supreme Court of Canada. His resistance to the appointment of Federal Court of Appeal Justice Robert Mainville to the Quebec Court of Appeal was not as Profitable. While he doesn't win, Galati is dogged in his efforts to defend the Constitution against a government he sees as pushing the boundaries with too little respect for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He also 's now also been chosen because bencher of the Law Society of Upper Canada and it will be interesting to see what he brings into the regulation of this profession.What voters needed to say: A true Canadian constitutional and individual rights hero.

    Pascal Paradis

    Executive director, Lawyers Without Borders Canada, Quebec City, Que. Back to his second time on the Top 25, Paradis is an unstoppable force and also a passionate advocate for human rights, particularly for women and children. Thanks to Paradis' initiative, the Quebec bar joined LWBC to behave as global counsel in favour of Raif Badawi, the Saudi blogger condemned to jail and flogging for his remarks criticizing the regime. Since January 2015, Paradis and LWBC are leading a consortium of Canadian organizations working to get a wide-range five-year project to boost justice. They aim to execute means of prevention and reconciliation for women victims of sexual abuse and other persons affected by the Malian armed conflict. He also speaks at many international conferences on human rights issues. What voters had to say: He's left an extremely profitable position at a large national law firm to go LWBC for a very compact paycheque because he followed his heart and his enthusiasm, the injury lawyers.

    Mark Tamminga

    Partner, Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP, Hamilton, Ont. Tamminga has committed his career to automating lawful practices. His information technologies focus started in 1986 while he was a law student and has been given the task of systemizing the production environment for files. Since then, Tamminga's aptitude for legal technology has only grown with Gowlings LLP. Three years ago, he had been called Gowlings' Innovation Initiatives leader. He is responsible for automating the Gowlings recovery solutions clinic. He has designed and built lots of further practice systems in the areas of debt collection, loan positioning, and civil litigation. His role has required re-thinking that the thornier aspects of big firm operations: managing cultural change, inducing client-side thinking, and building the compensation mechanics, which induce new behaviour. Exactly what the board had to say: Tamminga has shown real vision in handling tough issues that many law firms aren't quite ready to take on.

    Justice Ian Nordheimer

    Judge, Ontario Supreme Court, Toronto, Ont. Nordheimer's name is becoming synonymous with class action suits largely due to his judgment, which overturned Justice Edward Belobaba's conclusion in a high-profile case on carriage in the Barrick Gold class action suit. Nordheimer given the losing coalition of law firms leave to appeal Belobaba's decision at the Divisional Court. He's likely the strongest Superior Court degree judge in the nation with a decade on the seat and generates perhaps the greatest number of thorough judgments each year compared to any trial level judge. He is known for his quick wit and sharp conclusions. In the last year, Nordheimer has made a significant splash in the legal community by upholding a professional field punishment for present LSUC bencher Joe Groia and releasing data that revealed Rob Ford was the subject of a police investigation.What the panel had to say: He is the kind of judge who should be about the Court of Appeal... or higher. A judge of complete integrity.

    Justice David Stratas

    Judge, Federal Court of Appeal, Ottawa, Ont. Stratas penned possibly the most talked-about decision in the region of employment law this year. It will affect federally regulated employers and employees for a long time to come. His February Federal Court of Appeal decision in Wilson v. Atomic Energy of Canada flies in the face of 40 decades of legislation permitting federally regulated employers to dismiss workers without cause. Prior to the decision, the consensus was the workers who are regulated by the Canada Labour Code could be terminated for just cause. Many federally controlled organizations including banks, telecommunications companies, and transport companies view the decision a success, because of its long-term consequences. The court has to be a tie-breaker on this issue, composed Stratas. As a result of its effect, Joseph Wilson registered for leave to appeal with the Supreme Court of Canada in late March. A decision on leave is impending. What Republicans needed to say: He's the best administrative law jurist of our era. The only one going deep into doctrine, making sense of it all. Thoughtful, scholarly, practical, and so hard working. With respect to the last, it appears the instances that have a real effect from the Federal Court of Appeal are composed by him. Plain talking decisions actually hammer the essential points home. Our location.

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